The Richard Huish Trust (RHT) is a charitable company limited by guarantee (Company number 9320523). Governance of the Trust falls within the responsibility of Members and the Board of Trustees.

The Members

– have the power to amend the Articles of Association (which sets out the trust’s charitable objects and governance structure)
– have power to appoint a number of Trustees and to remove any or all serving Trustees
– may issue direction to the Trustees to take a specific action
– have power, ultimately, to instigate closure of the Academy Trust.

The current Members are:
David Griffin
Barbara Barratt
Jonathan Langdon
Mary Tighe
Tim Duffen
Edward Gregory, the Corporate Member of the Bath and Wells DBE Trust

Although Members have ultimate oversight, the company is run by a Board of Trustees. The composition of the Board currently comprises eight directors including the Chief Executive of the Academy Trust.

The Trustees are both charity trustees and company directors and have the legal responsibility for conducting the business of the trust. They may choose to delegate certain powers to committees or to the local governing boards of academies in accordance with a Scheme of Delegated Authority (SoDA).

In particular, Trustees have responsibility to:

– ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
– hold executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the performance management of staff
– oversee the financial performance of the organisation and make sure its money is well spent

The Board of Trustees has established a Finance and Audit Committee and an Academic Performance and Quality Committee to oversee key functions.


Director Date of Appointment / Re-AppointmentStatusMembership
John Abbott
Ex-OfficioDirectorChief Executive Officer
Catherine Christie31 December 2026DirectorBoard of Directors Vice Chair, Finance & General Purposes (Chair), Governance
Patrick Flaherty31 December 2026DirectorAudit & Risk
Clare Greenslade30 September 2025DirectorFinance & General Purposes, Academic Performance & Quality
Victoria Harrison30 September 2025DirectorPeople & Performance (Chair), Academic Performance & Quality
Gareth Jones30 April 2026DirectorAcademic Performance & Quality (Chair)
Daniel Maycock30 September 2025DirectorAudit & Risk (Chair), Governance
Chris Ormrod30 November 2022DirectorFinance and General Purposes,
People & Performance
Jade Renville30 September 2023DirectorGovernance (Chair),
Audit & Risk
Karen Wedlake30 April 2026DirectorPeople & Performance