Our Schools

Huish is group of educational organisations that spans primary, secondary and further education committed to delivering exceptional education for all.

The organisations work closely together in order to provide a wide range of opportunities to ensure that all students maximise their potential and develop aspirations beyond their expectations. All our organisations are guided by a set of core values that clearly set out the expectations for all members of our community including our Church Schools.

The ambition is for all the organisations within Huish to retain their individual autonomy to best serve their local communities whilst also benefitting from the collective advantages of working closely with other like-minded partners.

Please visit our school websites for more information about the day to day education and experiences we offer.


Join the Richard Huish Education Group

If your ethos matches ours, and you are inspired to join us in delivering the best education experience possible and providing only the highest standards of teaching, then we would be delighted to hear from you.

To learn more about what it is to be part of Huish, please contact us via