Due to the ongoing pandemic we were very disappointed not to be able to showcase the magnificent work of our students in our usual end of year Visual Arts Exhibition this past summer. Each year we delight in welcoming the public to view the fantastic works of our students but this year it was simply not safe to do so.

Not wanting the public, or artists to miss out we have compiled a souvenir booklet – Click here to view our Visual Arts Showcase. Please allow a moment to load to view.

Visual and creative arts are a source of much solace, joy and comfort and this has become even more crystal clear, during 2020. We turned to the arts when we needed to be soothed,distracted or cheered-up; when we needed to share our sorrows or stresses; when we needed to laugh, or cry, or think of others. Art expresses what it is to be human and, Alain De Botton importantly reminds us that art keeps us hopeful, he says…“We need to learn to use it [art] for what it is really meant for: as a constant source of support and encouragement for our better selves”

Emma Fielding
Principal, Richard Huish College