The five primary schools of Richard Huish Trust collaborated to create an art exhibition that celebrated creativity and wellbeing as part of the Schools Wellbeing and Arts Project by Somerset Art Works.

The project, funded by Public Health, saw Artists Julia McKenzie and Richard Tomlinson visit each school to guide pupils on a journey of exploration, inviting them to express their creativity through paper cutting, graphite rubbing, sun printing, large-scale ink drawing and sculpture.

The children’s artwork was displayed in various locations during Somerset Art Weeks and was bought together at a special celebration evening at Lyngford Park Primary School on October 11th.

As well as displaying the work of pupils from Lyngford Park, North Curry, North Town, West Buckland and Nerrols primary schools, the event included an Artist-led CPD session for Trust staff and crafty opportunities for families to get involved.

As dusk fell, the local community watched in amazement as animated images of the pupils’ puppets were projected onto the school building. Art tables set up in the main hall were full, with families then opting to work on the floor to create articulated shadow puppets and frottage patterns with graphite sticks and leaves.

Nicole Stearn, Art Lead at Lyngford Park, shared “I was overwhelmed with the response from our students, families and teachers, alongside representatives from Somerset Artworks and Public Health. It was such a great turnout!

“The school was packed with people admiring the artwork and getting stuck into all the crafty activities. The project has been great fun and helped us explore so many new techniques and materials, and has inspired both students and teachers.”