On the 1st December, Richard Huish College hosted an afternoon full of gripping scientific experiments and talks, as part of the wider Huish EnRICH programme. Pupils from The Taunton Academy and Bishop Fox’s School, as well as current Huish students, were all in attendance for the event.

The Taunton Academy pupils were initially treated to a special session on what studying A Level Physics is like and went through some topics that they are currently studying that would be expanded on in the A Level course. A Level Physics Teacher, Tim Hunt, also demonstrated some experiments on the topic of radiation which fascinated those watching.

It was in the theatre where the main event took place with Dr Jonny Furze from Bristol University presenting a range of impressive Chemistry experiments. The event amazed those in attendance and sparked inspiration in many to pursue a career in Science. In 2021 Huish students had a 99% pass rate for A Level Chemistry; the subject is a challenging one which offers a very intriguing practical side. Some of the careers Chemistry can lead to include Pharmacy, Veterinary, and Medicine amongst many others. Chemistry compliments other Sciences such as Biology and Physics and subjects like Mathematics and Computer Science. If you are interested in studying Chemistry at Huish you can get a closer look at the College’s upcoming Open Event on Wednesday 9th February 2022.