Huish Apprenticeships have been named the Best Apprenticeship Training Provider in Somerset by Corporate Vision Magazine in their Education & Training Awards 2020.

Offering Apprenticeships from entry level to higher degree qualifications, Huish pride themselves on providing expert teaching staff with many years experience in industry, consistent results and their ability to provide bespoke training programmes for employers. Apprenticeships continue to be an increasingly appealing option for those wishing to gain qualifications but avoid travel and accommodation costs associated with studying away from home. Lessons are taught in small groups at Huish so learners can access personalised attention, ask questions and build up a rapport with their tutor.

The Education & Training Awards were launched by Corporate Vision (CV) to spotlight the paragons of education and training. Whether institutions deliver early years support, or professional training opportunities, CV have endeavoured to showcase those that have truly come to define the sector that they work in. Awards Coordinator Chloe Smart commented: “From early learning, to adult education, all who make contributions to this vital sector are recognised in the Education and Training programme. I am proud to offer all of my winners my congratulations and best wishes for the future.”

CLICK HERE for more information about Apprenticeships offered at Huish: Accountancy (AAT & ACCA), Business Administration, Customer Services, Payroll, Leadership and Management, Health Care, Health & Social Care, Information Technology and Education, Training and Childcare